Phyllis Campbell Books


My late husband always said that books were my friends, and he was right. Perhaps many people have never thought about it, but think about it.

Where can you find a friend who remains the same throughout your life even though age may change the body, and steal that precious thing called memory. What friend can return to us unchanged from the place men call death. Books never disappoint us, never let us down. We may not like the outcome, but because we know what the ending will be it is comforting.

Like cherished friends, books make us smile, they make us cry, and they comfort us, often from the shadows. They entertain, and they offer information and advice.

Go with me now, as we explore that place where friends live. My site, and my friends are just beginning our journey, so visit often as I bring more friends into being through my imagination.

In addition to my own work, join Marjorie Arnott at Copper Dots and sample her handicrafts and inspirational books.